How to Take the Perfect Road Trip

How to Take the Perfect Road Trip

September 21, 2018

So, you’re taking a road trip. Suddenly the world gets a little bigger, your sights set a little higher. But wait…

What kind of things do you even pack for a road trip? And, um—how do you even start planning where to go? Most importantly, how do you road trip in style?

We’ve broken down a few tips for planning your ultimate road trip getaway—just don’t blame us if you never want to come back to reality, okay?

girls in the back of the car road tripping

Make sure you have a killer road trip playlist to jam out to while on the road. Use Spotify for some inspiration or make your own playlist of dreamy, ethereal sounds for your drive. Just make sure to include lots of Bon Iver and Daniel Caesar. 

Have a few different destinations in mind to create your ideal route map. Mapping out your plan of action is key in the initial stages of planning for your trip. Check out Travel Channel’s 10 most popular routes for the ultimate all-American road trip or choose your own path untraveled with RouteXL where you can input up to 20 different destinations in one trip and it will create the perfect route for you.

map our your route ahead of time

Take lots of photos to remember the best (and maybe even worst) moments while on the road. Huffington Post shares a few tips on how to capture stunning road trip photos—and no, you don’t have to be a professional photographer! 

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean that your fashion sense has to go out the window. Take the advice from one fashion blogger and make sure to pack some dark colored pants or leggings so you’ll always match no matter what. And don’t forget to pack for the weather, which may require layering depending on your destination route, according to Vanessa over at Stylishly Me.  

road trip - pit stop

Whether you plan on taking in the beauty of the New York skyline or pausing at all the pit stops to visit some of the World’s Largest—well, anything—you’re sure to have a killer road trip adventure ahead of you. 

If all else fails, just make sure to remember these two, the most important rules: have fun and drive safely! 


What’s your ideal road trip destination? And who are you taking?

Tell us all the dreamy details in the comments below!




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