How to Make an Evergreen Circlet Wreath

How to Make an Evergreen Circlet Wreath

December 08, 2018

If you prefer an understated look when it comes to home décor, decking the halls for Christmas can feel especially daunting because the glitz and glitter of traditional decorations clash with your style. For those of us who feel more frazzled than festive at the thought of blinking lights and blingy ornaments, there’s a simple solution: a Scandinavian-style Christmas. The Nordic countries take a decidedly simple approach to holiday decorating, with lots of neutral colors, glowing candles, and fresh greens to spread good cheer while maintaining a calm and welcoming vibe.

This year, we’re taking our cues from the Scandi style with a decorating DIY for the holiday home: an evergreen circle. Less lush and full than standard wreaths, circlets take on a slender, elegant silhouette that feels festive without going over-the-top. We love these simple adornments for their sophisticated simplicity, endless versatility, and fresh fragrance. Best of all, they’re incredibly easy to make! Read on for our how-to and get ready for a stylish holiday season. 

Fresh evergreen cuttings
Garden snips

Sturdy metal wire or metal wreath ring

Green floral wire
Fresh winterberry (optional)
Ribbon or twine (optional)

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select your greens. For this style of wreath, we love to use softer evergreen varieties like spruce or cedar. You could also choose boxwood or a woody herb like rosemary—any flexible stem that will hold its color and shape well. You can forage for fresh cuts in your own backyard, or purchase a few bunches at your local florist—regardless of your source, the key is freshness!
  1. Choose a metal wreath ring or make your own wreath frame using a loop of sturdy metal wire.
  1. Trim the greens to size using your garden snips. Make sure each stem has a fresh, diagonal cut at the base.
  1. Place your first cutting onto the wreath frame and attach the base of the stem by wrapping floral wire around the stem and frame, securing it with a twist. Bend the stem along the frame and attach the top using the same method. (For larger circles, you can add additional twists of floral wire as needed along the length of the stem.)
  1. Place your next cutting onto the frame, tucking its base below the top of the previous stem to conceal the wire. Continue to add cuttings around the frame until it’s fully covered, overlapping them slightly to conceal any wires. You can attach both ends of each stem tightly to the frame, or leave a few ends loose for a wilder, freeform look.
  1. Once the frame is fully covered, you might choose to tuck in a few seasonal accent pieces. We love sprigs of fresh winterberry, holly, or other colorful ornamental plants. Secure these cuttings to the frame as needed with floral wire.
  1. To display your wreath, cut a long piece of colorful ribbon and create a simple hanging loop.

For best longevity, display your fresh wreaths in a cool location. Avoid vents and fireplaces, which can cause the greens to dry out more quickly, and mist the wreath occasionally using a spray bottle of cool water.

We love to hang a single circlet in each window during the holiday season or showcase a grouping of several circlets hung with bright ribbons on a large, blank wall.


How are you planning to decorate for the holiday season? Share your favorite festive décor tips in the comments!




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